Who Do You Call if a Tree Falls on Your House in Ypsilanti, MI & a Roof Replacement is Needed

Has a tree came down on top of your home, you may feel as if your trap in an insurance commercial. When a tree falls and damages the roof you may be wondering what you should do or where to start. When a tree damages the roof there is a lot of step in repairing your home. Big Ike’s Roofing Co will walk you through the steps and help guild you in repairing your home after a tree falls and damages the roof.

How to Survive a Tree Falling on Your House; Evacuate

Depending on how severe the damage is you may need to evacuate the home. Especially, if the tree comes down during a storm and the storm is still raging you may need to leave the home in a hurry. Make sure to assess the situation and put safety first if the roof withstood major damages. It may be best to leave the home until a professional can come a determine the condition of the home and the damages.

Pick the Best Roofing Contractor

After you have assured your family’s safety, you will want to seek out a roofing contractor to come and assess the the damage and begin helping determine the cost of the roof repair or in most cases replacement. If the damage is severe often the entire roof will need to be replaced to ensure the roof’s integrity. You can also contact your home insurance company and file the report of the damages. Sometimes they will allow the homeowner to use their contractor of choice however, sometimes the insurance company will send out their owner assessor. While you’re seek help recovering your roof, you will also need help disposing the tree. Contact a tree removal service to help remove the tree so the contractor has better access to the roof.

Rain, Sun & Weather Protection for House

If the inside of the home is exposed due to the damage of the roof you will want to protect it and minimize exposure. If the rain or even if the sun beat down and hit the inside of the home it can lead to major damage inside. To help protect the inside of your home get some traps or large plastic sheets and tape over the hole in the ceiling if possible. Additionally cover the floors, furniture and other item inside to help protect the items during construction. It can take the insurance and contractor time to complete the roof replacement or repairs so you will want to make sure the exposed areas of the home are protected.

Temporary Roof Repair & More Permanent Roofing Replacement

During the process of repairing or replacing a roof after a tree has fallen down on top of it often the roofing contractor will provide a temporary repair. They will often clear away some of the damages and either cover the damaged areas with a trap or plywood. After they accessed the damage they can begin repairing the roof. The roofing contractor can help determine the extent of the repairs needed. If the damage was severe and the roof structure to been damaged the entire roof will need to be replace including the roof framing.

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When a tree falls down on top of your roof it is important to begin the step in restoring your home. If you need a roofing contractor to help replace your roof after a storm and a tree fell on your roof contact Big Ike’s Roofing Co today.