When Should I Replace Old Attic Insulation in Plymouth, MI? Old, Damaged Insulation & More

The attic insulation is essential to keeping our homes comfortable and needs to be maintained to ensure the attic doesn’t get too cold or too hot and maintains the interior temperatures. When the attic insulation ages or gets damaged, it can have an effect on the roof and the inside of the home. Big Ike’s Roofing Co will share the insulation’s purpose and when you need to replace the attic’s insulation.

Attic Insulation Guide

The attic insulation is essential to protect the home from the outside temperatures and toxins from the environment. The insulation acts as a barrier from the outside. The attic insulation also helps improve energy efficiency by maintaining the temperature inside the home. Insulation is a tightly packed fibrous material that acts as a blanket. There are a number of ways the attic insulation can be compromised. When it does, it will impact your home’s efficiency and even the health of the household members. Insulation failure is most noticeable during the peak of winter or summer when it seems your HVAC system runs constantly. It is important to maintain the attic insulation to ensure proper efficiency.

Old House Attic Insulation

When the insulation ages it loses its effectiveness. Insulation can thin over time. When the insulation ages or thin up prematurely, it can be due to poor ventilation, or improper installation. Over the course of time the elements ages the insulation and makes it thin. Older home’s often need replacement of the insulation to make sure the home is properly protected. In most cases attic insulation, if installed correctly and with proper ventilation, can easily last 20 years before it requires the need to be replaced. However, it is good to have the attic insulation inspected every few years to ensure the insulation quality.

Damaged Attic Insulation

Attic insulation can easily become damaged by a number of different sources. If the roof gets a leak or condensation builds up inside the attic, the insulation can develop mold. The mold can damage the insulation and cause a very unhealthy environment. Mold spores spread and can get inside the home through the HVAC system or air ducts. Another major concern is pests. Rodents, wildlife and other pests can build their nests in the insulation. They will chew and damage the attic’s insulation very quickly. When pests invade the attic they will often leave behind dangerous diseases, pathogens and other contaminates like mold. These contaminates can get into the home and cause illnesses. To prevent pests make sure to cover the attic vents with an additional screen, one that allows air flow but won’t let pests inside the attic. Again, inspecting your attic insulation is important to make sure there isn’t any damage to the insulation whether it be caused by pests or exposure to water.

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Big Ike’s Roofing Co provides attic insulation inspections and blow in insulation installation. Your home’s blanket is essential to protect the household members, the structure of the roof, and energy efficiency. If you need your attic insulation replaced or have roofing service needs, contact Big Ike’s Roofing Co and schedule our services today.