What to Expect when Replacing an Old Roof with New in Saline, MI; Assistance to Roofers & More

When you find out your home need a roof replacement you may be wondering what is involved and mostly what to do with your pets and or family members. There is a lot involving a roof replacement from roof removal which can get a little messy and hazardous. When a roof company arrives to the home, your residence essentially becomes a work zone. As the roof service often takes the household safety and comfort into consideration Big Ike’s Roofing Co will share a few ways you can better prepare your pets and other household members and property for the upcoming roofing replacements.

Can Children & Pets Be Home During a Roof Replacement

Both pets and kids are often impacted the most during a roof replacement. The work zone can be more dangerous for pet and children as they don’t often consider the danger of the roof removal and construction. As the parent be sure to talk with the children about staying away from the work zones and attempt to keep pets inside. However, many people will often bring their pets and little one to a family member’s home where they can be more comfortable. Removal and construction of a roof can be very noisy which interrupts pets and children especially, infants which is why many people will take them away from the sight.

Protect Plants & Property from Roofers

Another consideration during a roof replacement you will want to think on how you can protect your personal items and surrounding property. Contractors are very professional and do take all consideration of the property into account. However, if you want to be on the safe side you can park the vehicles away from the work zone. Other exterior features or furniture that can moved away from the work zone can also help provide the crew with plenty of room to move and ensure they don’t get damaged as accidents can occur. During roof removal and construction they create a lot of vibration that can cause pictures and wall d├ęcor to fall off the walls. Any item that are mounted to the wall should be taken down until the replacement is done.

Providing Assistance to Roofing Company

There are steps that can help aid the roofing service to be more efficient. Tree limbs that are overhanging the roof should be cut down as they can also cause future roof damages. Cutting the lawn before the roofers arrive can also help make clean up more efficient. Next you can help locate power outlets outside of the home or that can be used by the construction crew. Occasionally extension cords may need to run through a window if necessary. Window screens may need to be removed to allow access to outlets on the other side of windows.

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Roof replacements can be done rather quickly, however there are many ways the homeowner can help make construction more efficient. If you need a quality roofing company to help repair, replace your home’s roof and more contact Big Ike’s Roofing Co today.