Pros of Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly Blown In Attic Insulation in Commerce Charter Twp, MI;

With many insulation options available, is it easy for homeowners to feel overwhelmed. When selecting the right type of insulation for your home, you need to consider initial cost, long term cost and energy efficiency and other such factors. When it comes to blown in insulation, you will see a significant reduction of the energy expenditure as it lowers heating and cooling costs. Today, we at Big Ike’s Roofing Co would like to further elaborate on the benefits of using blown in insulation.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Compared to the standard insulation that comes in the form of rolled batting, the blown in insulation is much more airtight. Where air typically leaks through, the tiny cracks and crevices of your attic are well protected with the blown material that is smaller and more maneuverable and controlled. Uniquely shapes objects and spaces such as around beams, pipes, and other examples can be filled with the versatility of blown in material. With the moisture resistance that contributes to preventing mold, odor, and rot from creeping into your home, this material is more energy efficient and beneficial compared to the rolled batting.

Eco Friendly Insulation

The most common types of insulation include both rolled batting and blown forms, while cellulose comes in blown form only. As an eco-friendlier option for both home and environment the fiberglass is comprised of recycled glass and sand, both renewable and abundant resources. Additionally, it is the most thoroughly tested insulation product available on the market. Where other options can lose R-value over time from the natural settling factor, the fiberglass insulation has very little to no settling.

Blown In Attic Insulation Cost

Though blown in insulation can be more costly than lower quality alternative like other high quality and energy efficient materials, you will see a return and then some with the substantial savings in your energy bills. Within 2-4 years, the extra cost at installation is covered by the utility savings.

Blown Sound Insulation

This type of insulation is better able to reduce noise from traveling through walls due to the airtight seal. The neighbors, nearby traffic, pounding rain and crashing thunder among other routine sounds are reduced from the sound buffer the insulation provides.

Fast Blown In Insulation Installation

The procedure for installing the blown in insulation is relatively quick. The kneeling and up and down are eliminated. Creating a seamless thermal protective blanket of insulation, the material is simply blown out of a hose into the space.

Fire Resistant Insulation

To help reduce the risk of fires, this airtight material is excellent. Due to the tight sealing that prevents air from flowing through small spaces and fueling the flame, fire-retardant capabilities are a valuable asset. With extreme weather and pest issues in the local area, this option reduces the risk of fires as well as potential issues caused by pests, weather, and other elements while providing increased energy efficiency.

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