Emergency Roofing Repairs

There are several causes for roof repair. Even when you have properly maintained it, you will find that time takes its toll. The roofing experts at Big Ike’s Roofing deliver nothing short of high quality work to repair your roof. Your satisfaction is our goal and we work tirelessly to get the job done as soon as possible.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Chances are, your roof won’t just fail you one day out of the blue. The older your roof gets, the more these signs will start to pop up. There are several signs that indicate your roof might need some attention including:
– Leaking roof
– Loss of granules
– Brittle shingles
– Curling shingles
– Dark water stains on roof
– Damaged flashing
– Rust or metal deterioration (on metal roofs)
– Cracks or bubbles (on flat roofs)
– Bulges, wrinkles and low areas (on rubber roofs)
– Damage from termites, carpenter ants and/or other wood-boring pests (on wood shingle roofs)

Big & Small Repairs

It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, or how big the repair may be, the experts at Big Ike’s Roofing Co can handle it. We come equipped and prepared to fix your roof on the spot. Our professional roofers have the expertise to diagnose the problem and work to solve it so you don’t continue to experience the same problems you have recently had with your roof. We work to find the true source of the leak and repair it.

Emergency Roofing Repairs in Ann Arbor, Michigan

At Big Ike’s Roofing, we are a full service roofing company. We can repair your roof, gutters, siding and more. The next time you experience any leaking or signs that your roof may be in trouble, don’t hesitate to call. We will work to keep your home safe from the elements with a healthy roof. Call us today!