How to Tell if You Need New Gutter Systems in Ann Arbor, MI; Sagging Gutters & More

With fall season here, now is the time to inspect and clean out your home’s gutters to prepare for the upcoming winter. However, now is also the time to replace your gutters if needed. Before you begin cleaning your home’s gutters start a basic inspection first. There are some common signs your gutters will show you if they need to be replaced. Big Ike’s Roofing Co will share what to look for when inspecting your home gutter to see if they need to be replaced before the winter season.

Signs of Bad Gutters

Gutter Cracks or Splits: When inspecting your gutters look for cracks or splits throughout the gutter’s track. Note even small cracks. Small cracks will lead to bigger splits. These cracks can also allow water to leak out which run onto the roof’s fascia boards. The home siding can rust; wood rot can occur as well as other damages. If you discover any splits in the tracks you may want to consider replacing the gutter soon.
Peeling Paint on Gutters: Gutters are painted not just to improve the home’s look but to provide protection from weathering. Most gutter systems are made from metal materials that will rust from humidity or moisture. Most paint used for gutter systems are very durable. However, over time the paint can begin to peel or chip off. If your paint is chipping and looks orange, this is due to rust. Both are signs of age and damage.
Algae, Mildew or Mold on Gutters: If water continues to pool to a certain section of the gutter, it is natural for mold, mildew or algae to build up. Water often will pool due to clogs or if the gutters have begun to sag, not allowing proper flow. If you’re seeing spots where mold, algae or mildew has developed, check for clog or damages in the gutter. You may need to replace the gutters if they are sagging or damaged.
Water Stains on Carpets: Water stains on the house’s roofing or walls indicate a leak or the gutters are overflowing. Water will overflow and come out of the top of gutters if there is a clog allowing water to build up. Another cause for water stains are a leak in the gutter. There may be hidden cracks in your gutter or the seams have split. If your gutters are rusting, have holes or cracks, it is time to replace the gutter.
Sagging or Dismounting Gutters: If the gutters are sagging or pulling away from the house, this often means the gutters are full of water and the water is not flowing out properly. Often poor drainage is due to clogs. When the gutter track becomes dismounted or sags it can damage to the roof or fascia. If the gutters are damaged due to sagging, this too is a major problem. Often it is better to replace sagging gutters before they dismount from the roof which leads to expensive damage to the roof.

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When you need to replace your home’s gutter system, consider using a seamless gutter system or install gutter guards. They can help prevent leaves and other debris from entering inside the gutter which lead to frequent clogs and contributes to gutter damage. If you need help installing new gutters, contact Big Ike’s Roofing Co.