How to Know when to Replace a Roof in Saline, MI; Determine Age of Roofing Installation & More

It is expected for a roof to develop some wear and tear over the years. When the small problems occur, it is wise to repair them quickly. However, there are times or some situations when it is better to replace the roof versus sinking more and more money into repairs. When you need to make a decision on repairing your home roof or replacing it, Big Ike’s Roofing Co will share the top three situations when it is better to replace the roof versus repairing the roof.

Determine Age of Roof

As a roof ages it is exposed to weather and various environmental elements that wear down a roof. Older roofs will develop much needed repairs and as the repairs begin to stack up, you are looking at a major investment that will just continue to add up over time. To stop the accumulation of damage and repairs on an old roof it is much better to replace the roof and start over fresh. Concrete roofs, with proper care and maintenance, can last between 30 to 50 years. Asphalt roofs can last from 10 to 15 years. When a roof reaches its later years it is a wiser investment to replace the roof and save future repairs and extended cost.

Signs of Roof Damage

Most damage isn’t very noticeable at first, especially when the damage occurs underneath the outer layer of the roof. When the damage goes unnoticed for an extended period of time, such as water damage, mold and rot it can become uncontrollable and lead to serious problems including total roof collapse. Weather can also play another role in continual damage. Wind, rain and snow can cause major roofing problems, and during the seasons of severe weather your roof damage can continue to spread. When roofing damage cannot be contained with repairs, it is time for a roof replacement. To identify roof damage and those which require more than just repair it is better to seek the aid of a professional roofing contractor. Have the roof inspected and evaluated to determine if the roof should be replaced.

Does Replacing a Roof Increase Home Value

When you plan to sell your home, and the home inspection reveals that your roof is in poor condition, it can greatly decrease the value of your home and the chances of a sale. Potential buyers don’t want to buy a home with roofing problems and take on the additional cost of replacing the roof. Additionally a home with roof damage which requires major repairs or full replacement can decrease the value of your home. For those who do own the home, you may walk away with debt. To ensure your home sells for its proper value consider having the roof replaced. With a new roof you can add value to the home and potentially make more of a profit. When selling your home make sure to have the roof inspected and if needed, replace it to get the full value out of your home.

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