Dirty & Clogged Gutter Problems in Brighton, MI; Sagging Gutters, Rain Pouring Over & More

You probably haven’t given the gutter system on your home much thought lately. Most homeowners don’t think about that area until there is a clear problem they are facing. If your gutters are clogged with leaf litter, it can cause big problems for your home and your roof. Big Ike’s Roofing Co is here to talk about the problems that clogged gutters can cause for your home.

Signs of Clogged Gutters

There are several signs that are present when you need to have your gutters cleaned out. All of these signs can lead to big problems for your roof and your home.
Pest Infestations: If you have noticed an increase of pests near and around your home, this can be a sign of clogged gutters. When the water doesn’t move down the gutter as it should, mosquitoes and flies will take that opportunity to lay eggs in the pools of water. You may also notice that many nuisance birds will be hanging out around your gutters as well when there is more water than there should be.
Water Spillage: When you experience a large storm, do you notice that water is running down the side of your home? This is because the water simply has nowhere else to go and can cause damage to your home.
Sagging Gutters: If your gutters are full of debris including leaves, pine needles and twigs, they start to become so heavy that you may notice some sagging. This can get bad enough that you actually notice the gutters will start to pull away from the home and can possibly need to be replaced.
Exterior Wall Stains: As water trickles down the side of your home, you will notice that some staining takes place. This water can get trapped behind your siding and cause many more problems than simple staining.

What Kind of Damage Can Clogged Gutters Cause?

All of these signs are potential dangers to your home. The gutter system on your home is specifically designed to keep excess water away from your home and in particular, the foundation. You don’t want to be facing a rotting roof or foundation failure due to clogged gutters. Another common problem is mold because that water gets trapped behind the siding of your home and can cause mold growth.

Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Installation & More in Bloomfield Hills, Canton, Farmington Hills, Milford, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Wixom, Dexter, Plymouth, Saline, Brighton, West Bloomfield & Greater Ann Arbor, Michigan

The best way to ensure that your gutters aren’t filling up with debris that can cause major problems down the road is to have the professionals at Big Ike’s Roofing Co to install a leaf relief gutter guard that is specifically designed to keep debris out of your gutter system. When you choose this option as opposed to regular gutter cleaning, you are actually much safer. Gutter cleaning often requires getting on the roof which can be dangerous when you aren’t experienced to do so. Choose the leaf relief gutter guard today to keep your gutter system clean and clear from harmful debris. Call us today!