Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter in West Bloomfield Township, MI? What Temperature is Too Cold?

Roofing contractors work year around to install or repair roofs. Since the roof isn’t really a seasonal project, homeowners face roof repairs or replacements most of the time without warning. However it is always better to plan a roof replacement far in advance to properly finance and plan for the project. However, when homeowners plan ahead they often ask if there is a better season to repair roofs. Big Ike’s Roofing Co will answer this question to give homeowners a handle on when to plan to have the roof replaced or repaired.

What Temperature is Too Cold to Put on a Roof?

Roofs can be worked on all year long. However, there is a “peak season.” Many roofing contractors typically prefer working from spring through early fall. However, during the peak of roofing season sometimes homeowners have to wait a month before their roof can be worked on or special precautions need to be implemented. For example, if winter installation is unavoidable, most asphalt shingle manufacturers require a specialized adhesive be manually applied to each shingle for temperatures below 40° F (4 degrees Celsius) or you risk a voided warranty. One of the worst times to schedule a roof repair or replacement here in the State of Michigan is when it is during the middle of winter when it is raining and snowing. When a roof is being replaced, your home will be exposed to all the rain which can lead to internal damage of the home and roof. Plus, it is dangerous to work on wet, slick roofs. Generally in Michigan, March through October is our roofing season. From spring to early fall, the weather is friendly, not only for our roofers but for the roofing materials themselves. Each state will vary due to the climate and weather conditions. It is important to consider the weather before you plan a roofing project, especially a full roof removal and replacement.

Roofing in Hot & Cold Weather

Where spring until late fall is the peak of roofing season, there is is still one down side. The suppliers of most roofing companies are aware of this busier season and sometimes increase their prices. This means you will be paying more. Due to the inflation of roofing material costs, some homeowners will wait until summer and winter to tend to their roof.

Roofing in Cold Winter Weather

There are two major advantages of planning to have your roof worked on during the winter. You will have more scheduling flexibility and cheaper roofing materials. However, again consider Michigan. Ann Arbor’s winter snow usually arrives in Early November and sometimes even late October which means you have a short window before the snow hits hard to get your roof repaired or replaced. You may be able to get the roof finished before heavy snow hits, but you don’t want to wait until the snow is too thick to begin your roofing project. If your roof is having structural problems you definitely want to get the roof done before winter.

Roofing in Hot Summer Weather

Another option is early summer and just after the rainy season has ended. You might be able to schedule a contractor before the heavy roofing season and hopefully before materials go up in price. In most cases when you plan to schedule a roofing contractor, expect two to three weeks before they can come and begin repairing your roof which is why you will want to get an early start. You may want to contact a roofing contractor around late spring to hopefully get in before the rush.

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