Benefits of Vinyl Siding on Your South Lyon, MI House; Long Lifespan, Low Maintenance & More

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for home exteriors and originally appeared as a replacement for aluminum siding almost 60 years ago. Since its inception in the late 1950’s, vinyl siding has become one of the most popular and affordable exterior siding solutions for homeowners. Better yet, it is not only affordable, it is visually appealing, extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. According to the knowledgeable experts at Big Ike’s Roofing Company, over 32% of all new homes are built with vinyl siding and those numbers are on the increase.

Advantages to Installing Vinyl Siding on Your Home’s Exterior

1. Overall costs of vinyl siding is less: One of the reasons that vinyl siding is such a popular choice for homeowners is its affordability. In fact vinyl siding has the lowest cost per square foot for professional installation than any other exterior product. Ask any real estate professional and they will tell you that replacing your existing homes siding with vinyl siding is ranked as one of the best home improvement projects for increasing your curb appeal and the overall value of your home.
2. Vinyl siding is a versatile building material: Vinyl exterior is available in literally hundreds of textures and colors which gives you complete control when it comes to redesigning your exterior. For example do you love the look of natural wood but prefer the low maintenance of vinyl? There are products on the market that look so authentic it can fool even the most well discerning wood connoisseur. You can find a vinyl siding style that can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications which works perfectly for a range of home designs and profiles.
3. Vinyl siding has a long lifespan: Vinyl siding is designed to resist weather including heavy rain, hail, wind and ice, better yet vinyl is moisture resistant which means that it will not rot or fall apart. Many brands of vinyl siding have the added benefit of a lifetime warranty which can be prorated to the next owner for up to 50 years should you ever decide to sell your home.
4. Low maintenance vinyl siding: When it comes to taking care of the exterior of your home, vinyl siding requires almost zero maintenance especially when you take into consideration that it resists termites and other pests, never needs to be repainted and maintains it looks throughout the year with a simple professional pressure washing service. Once your vinyl siding has been professionally installed you can look forward to years of service without the worry of unexpected repairs or maintenance.
5. Vinyl siding cuts home heating and cooling costs: If you install insulated vinyl siding, it can prevent heat loss between the exterior wall and studs. This process is referred to as thermal bridging. While the majority of homes have insulation between the wall studs, insulated vinyl siding gives your home an added layer of protection keeping your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. As an added bonus, installing insulated vinyl can provide you the added benefit of saving more of your hard earned cash in the form of an energy tax credit.

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