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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Safety Tips in Novi, MI; Don’t Attach Roof Shingles & More

Are you one of the millions of people that count down the days until you can decorate for the holidays? People across the United States anxiously wait for the day they can start decorating inside and outside their homes. Traditionally homeowners would only decorate the outside of their homes more excessively for Christmas but over…

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Flat Roof Maintenance Checklist in New Hudson, MI to Address Ponding, Blistering, Alligatering & More

Flat roofs are most common in commercial buildings. However, there are many homes that also have flat roof or partially flat roofs. As both commercial and residential home owners come to know, flat roofs require a different kind of care than regular roofs. Due to the design of flat roofs, they often require frequent maintenance…

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Prevention of Attic Condensation & Frost on Underside of Roof Sheathing in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Come winter, most homeowners will prepare the roof for the coming snow in the hope they can prevent snow or ice damage. However, while many homeowners focus on the roof’s surface, don’t forget about the interior structure as well. One winter nuisance that can affect your attic is ‘attic frost.’ Attic frost may feel like…

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